Social Squash and Competitions

There are weekly programs across the four Squashworld Centers. You can download the programs sheet and read event descriptions below.

Download Mirrabooka Weekly Programs as at 22/02/2023

Information on programs at Brentwood 93642874, Cambridge 92858270 and Hilton 93371032 coming soon…

King of the Court (KOTC) (Mirrabooka)
Wednesday Night League (Mirrabooka)

Junior Club Training

Junior Club training is available across all 4 locations

State Tournaments
Pennant Competitions

Metropolitan Inter-club Pennants and State Grade Squash

Squashworld is home to 4 clubs in the state of Western Austalia. Players from all skill levels represent their club in several different competitions across the week organised by WA Squash and volunteer committees. Information on each of these can be found below. If you’re interested in any of them at all please feel free to contact your local Squashworld center!