Junior Club Programs

Juniors are a big part of our focus at our Squashworld venues, with each centre conducting junior programs on a weekly basis during school term.

Our focus is on providing a safe and fun environment for children and young people to learn about and play squash.  Our cohort of paid and volunteer coaches are passionate, innovative and creative, which keeps things fresh and interesting for the kids who attend.

The first part of each junior session focusses on warming up, skills and drills.  After a quick break the kids then get straight into game play where their knowledge of skills, rules of the game, scoring and etiquette is all put into practice.  While players have the choice of doing one or the other (or both), it is a requirement for the younger/less experienced juniors to attend the first part. Younger juniors can join in on game play once they are able to serve and rally.

We strive to make our sport as affordable as possible. We offer first session free at our programs. Our social memberships come with some perks including eyewear, shop discounts and term fee options to save money across the term.

Brentwood – Monday – 4pm-5.30pm
Training takes place between 4pm-4.40pm, whilst organised game play starts at 4.45pm. New players must attend coaching to give us an idea of grading.
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Mirrabooka – Thursday – 4pm-6pm
For juniors aged 8 years and above, training takes place between 4pm and 4.50pm, followed by a 5 minute fruit break, and then game play until 6pm.

For juniors aged 4 to 7 years, we have a special (and very fun!) program that runs from 4.30pm until 5.15pm which focuses on pre-squash skills such as agility, hand-eye coordination, balance, and some racquet work.
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Cambridge – Friday – 4pm-6.30pm
Updated format sees our program split into 2, Primary School session and high school session
Primary School Session 4pm-5.30pm (training 4-45pm, gameplay 4.45-5.30pm
High School Session 4.45pm-6.30pm (training 4.45-5.30pm, Gameplay 5.30-6.30pm)
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Hilton – Friday – 4.30-6pm
Session is balanced out between coaching and game play for the 90 minutes of squash!