School Programs

With the numerous health benefits that playing squash provides, it is a great sport for schools to consider in their P.E programs for students of all ages.

Health Benefits include

  • Improved Cardiovascular Strength
  • Improved Muscle strength and conditioning
  • Improved Hand Eye Coordination skills
  • Improved Decision making skills – squash is a very tactful sport!
  • Squash is a sun safe sport, played indoors with protection from the harsh summer sun or the pouring rain in winter.

SSO and NSO Support

Our State organisation (WA Squash) supports programs that fit into the Mini Squash and Just Squash it programs by paying for a coach to deliver the first 3 programs per class

Our National organisation (Squash Australia) has the Oz Squash program which is supported by the Sporting Schools funding grants.  Oz Squash programs can be delivered in squash centres or in the school yard (see In-School information)

Each of our centres has a slightly different package price based on available number of courts.  We are also happy to open up the centre before 9am to accommodate before school or early start programs.




‘In-School Program