In School Programs

In-School Program

We understand that it does become challenging when arranging trips off school grounds for students, which is why the Inflatable Mini Squash courts have been developed.  Suitable for primary school students, a coach can bring the squash program to you by conducting introductory squash programs in your school under cover area.

Activities are split between on court and off court.  The program starts off court with high participation activities before the students get onto the inflatable squash courts to finish with some game play.

The in-school program focuses on

  • Basic Hand Eye Coordination Skills
  • Spatial awareness and listening skills
  • Teamwork and fair play

Students will learn the basic rules of squash and court activity will vary between longest rally challenges to class competition challenges depending on year group and class ability.

Activities and equipment are further are modified to cater for PP-Year 2 students as well.

The in school program can be conducted in several ways

1+ day visits covering as many classes in the school time table


Multiple week programs to give each class a few extra sessions which often sees a great level of improvement from Day 1.

Funding can be applied for through the Sporting Schools funding scheme to run the squash program.

For a great all round experience in multiple week programs, we do recommend trying to arrange the final session for students in year 4-6 to be at one of our squash centres.

For prices, please contact us directly so that our coaches can be in touch with a quote.