Friday Night Masters

Squashworld Brentwood is often referred to as the home of Masters Squash in Perth.  The reason for this is the long running Friday Night Masters Comp.  This is an extremely social weekly comp that has been running for well over 20 years.  Starting at 7.30 we currently have 6 teams of 6 players competing in a unique Point a rally format with each Game going to 15 points and each match consisting of 4 games regardless of who wins the first 3 games.

We have a good list of Reserve players if someone is unavailable so if you are wanting a game please call Kane on 0421 490 799 and he will try and organise a match for you.  We will soon be expanding it to include Reserve matches whereby anybody wanting a hit can get one even if the teams are full.  For expressions of interest in this new addition please email Kane at

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Team List

1. Ferrets 2. Platapus 3. Wombats 4. Scorpions 5. Dad Cats 6. Sloths
David MacAulay Roger Cargill Greg Mills Wesley Emery Phil Bradshaw Vic Thomas
David Hough Ken Todd Craig Dennis Roger Campbell Ray Bell
Dave Lawford Barbara Mills Christine Reston Steve Barrow Rosanne Clinch Alison Williams
Peter Rinaldi Bernie Cummins Susan Campbell Lorna Roberts Anna Bowen Stuart Thorpe
Audrey Lazaroo John Comer Sharon Gilgallon Joyce Barnett Joan Dreghorn
Bernie Reston Laura Jones Sandy Purdon Lyn Hazlett Trish Sinton Shirley Duggleby